World Class Audiophile

Hi Fi Stereo ConsoleBack in the 1950’s, the rage was to have a Hi-Fi, – essentially a high fidelity, analogue, boom box on legs. It was a piece of furniture and somewhat of a status symbol. If you loved music, you owned a Hi-Fi, and the neighbors knew it. It was strictly platters back then on a turntable with a stylus that ran between the grooves of a vinyl record. The stereo speakers were part of the console and were often covered with decorative fabric to add to a modern look. Oh, to be cool in the 50s.

Are you discerning enough to know the difference between digital recording and a good analogue recording? Would you consider yourself an audiophile? An audiophile is specifically interested in the high fidelity sound from tapes or disks. They are the purist to some extent of the listening world. They are like a plumbing company that does drain cleaning Kansas City MO getting into the depths of what makes things flow, or sound the way they sound. They want to hear the aliveness before they hear the digital, clean, flawless rendition of a piece. They want to take the sound in with the flaws and the perfections.