About Byte Me Discs

It’s a new era since the Beach Boys and the Ventures, but that doesn’t mean good surf rock has been relegated to the past.  We don’t spin discs anymore, as much as we download MP3s to our electronic devices.  The aficionados may still have a collection of vinyl, but most of have our iPods and smart phones.

At Byte Me Discs we bring you surf rock from then and now.  You can upload compilations from our site of some of the best music born out of surf, sand and sea.  The backbone of surf rock may be the music of the Beach Boys.  They set the standard and will always hold the light for anyone who follows.  But we can’t just live in the past, or can we?   After all surf music is a great way to transport us back in time.  No matter where you are when you hear the Rip Chords or the Mel-Tones, you can practically smell the salty air.

Today upcoming artists like Latch Key Kid or David Dean Burkhart surf the galaxy.  The sound is unique and different, but that is how music evolves.  We can’t allow ourselves to be penned in with a genre if it doesn’t have the fluidity that is innate in the very heart of the surf sound, and these artists hold their own.

At Byte Me Discs we customize music from the sixties all the way to the naughties.   We will put a compilation of tunes together for your next party, or simply for your next laid back Saturday at the pool.  Our ear for compilation can bring the warmth of the Southern California sun to a gathering in mid-December.  We are here for you.

As you read the blog post feel free to add a comment below.  We want and need all the feedback you can give us.  We love writing about this stuff, but the world of surf rock is larger than our experiences, so give a shot out.  Let us hear from you.  Which artist is your favorite.  Which song changed your life – we all have one of those.  Do you know of someone new who isn’t getting the attention they deserve?  Leave a comment and thanks for reading our posts.

Danny and Kiesha